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Request a Table

To request a table for your next event, click here.

AVI offers several tabling programs that we can bring to your space or next event. Each table is built to raise awareness about a specific type of violence or element of rape culture and/or model healthy relationship and sexuality behaviors to move towards. Each table presents both the element we want to address and a tangible skill for participants to take with them to effect change in their day to day lives. Each table has an interactive activity component built in and participants can expect to spend 2-5 minutes at each.

Green Dot

This table highlights the Green Dot bystander intervention strategy and helps students recognize ways they can safely intervene on violence that is occurring and prevent violence before it even begins.

Supporting Survivors

This table displays several resources available to survivors on our campus and helps participants learn ways of supporting survivors in their social spheres.

Healthy Relationships

This table highlights one or more key elements to healthy relationships (self-esteem, communication, boundary setting) and helps students recognize signs of potentially harmful relationship dynamics as well as healthy patterns to move towards.

Healthy Sexuality

This table promotes our expanded definition of sexuality via the Circles of Sexuality model and helps student recognize the various components of sexuality and the integral nature of consent for physical intimacy.

Healthy Masculinity

This table focuses on gender socialization, specifically the traits we force boys and men to adopt and how this can be both harmful to them and supportive of violence. Through two interactive activities, it suggests ways of creating flexibility in gender roles and reducing the pressures to conform to potentially harmful gender norms.

Rape Culture

Each year, we have over 30 tables at our Day to End Rape Culture expo. We save many of these and can bring various rape culture content areas to your space. Some tables include Pornography, Consent, Fetishization of Women of Color, Hypermasculinity, and more. Reach out to us via the form above to discuss your specific request!

AVI Resource Table

This table presents an overview of all we do on campus including our counseling, advocacy, and prevention efforts. It’s a good fit for events with lots of new students or for resource fair type spaces.