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AVI leads TCNJ’s prevention efforts by providing a variety of educational trainings. To request an AVI program, click here.

Workshop/Program Topics:

  • Green Dot: (1 Hour) The Green Dot Workshop helps students recognize the role of bystanders in violence prevention, learn skills to intervene in instances of power-based personal violence, and reflect on what barriers might get in the way of intervening. The workshop seeks to inspire community members to act and identify the influence they have over others in creating a safe campus community for everyone.
  • Supporting Survivors/Victims’ Rights and Resources: (1 Hour) The Supporting Survivors Workshop explains the rights and resources available to every student who has been impacted by power-based personal violence, aided by small group discussion on how students can support survivors of power-based personal violence in their everyday lives.
  • Escalation Workshop: (1 Hour and 30 Minutes) The Escalation Workshop uses a short film and an active discussion to provide students with the tools to recognize the warning signs of relationship abuse. Students learn to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, and learn ways to safely intervene to help a friend.
  • Below Deck: (1 Hour and 30 Minutes) Below Deck is a reality TV show on Bravo that focuses on the social interactions and work of charter yacht crews. This program showcases the crew’s handling of power based personal violence, such as sexual assault and sexual harassment. In this viewing and discussion, we’ll address moments where the crew members fell short and missed
    opportunities for addressing specific behavior, along with exemplary moments of bystander intervention and support.
  • Healthy Masculinity: (1 Hour) The Healthy Masculinity workshop talks about how we as a society raise/socialize boys and men, and how this can impact both their wellbeing and the world around them. Through three activities, participants will reflect on our beliefs about masculinity and our shared stories about strength, and learn ways to challenge the narrative around them.
  • Gender Boxes: (1 Hour) The Gender Boxes is a fun and interactive program that allows attendees to take a closer look at some of the messages we receive around gender. This program helps identify common stereotypes and pressures, and encourages audience members to expand our collective definitions of masculinity, femininity, and gender identity.
  • Healthy Relationships: (1 Hour and 30 minutes) The Healthy Relationships workshop helps students develop healthy relationship skills in self-esteem, communication, and personal boundaries, for all types of relationships – romantic, friendships, or professional. This workshops features three interactive activities for participants.
    • Healthy Relationships: (30 minutes) This is a shortened version of our 90 minute healthy relationships program. The 30 minutes version is a bit more of a conversation with fewer activities but still addresses self-esteem, communication, and boundary setting.
  • Sexuality 101: (1 hour and 30 minutes) The Sexuality 101 Workshop helps students understand the nuances of sexuality politics through interactive and easy-to-understand activities. Students will form a definition of consent, understand ways to talk about consent and sex with partners, and gain individual knowledge and sense of empowerment to express sexuality in ways that contribute positively to self-esteem and relationships with other people.
    • Sexuality 101: (30 minutes) This is a shortened version of our 90-minute Sexuality 101 program. It is more of a structured conversation and focuses on new ways of talking about sex and engaging in consent and boundary conversations.