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A Message From Our Assistant Director

Dear TCNJ Student,

Everyone’s experience with power-based personal violence is unique. Tuning into what you want or need may help determine which action steps, if any, you choose to pursue. Anti-Violence Initiatives, or AVI, is a confidential resource that is available to you at any point in this process. AVI can assist you in identifying your needs, help you understand the options available, and help you access any resources on- or off- campus. AVI can also work with you to ensure your physical and emotional safety.

If you are unsure of where to start in the process, start at AVI. Information about scheduling an appointment with an AVI counselor is listed below. Please know your TCNJ community is here for you to help in any way that we can. 

Michelle Lambing, LPC, NCC, ACS, CIMHP

Assistant Director for Anti-Violence Initiatives

AVI provides brief individual counseling, referral assistance, and urgent appointments.  

To request an appointment with AVI:

  • First access the Center for Student Wellness Online Wellness Link (OWL).
  • Navigate to and log in using your TCNJ user ID and password.
  • Once logged in, click on “Appointments.” This will bring you to a page with multiple options for Student Health and Counseling and Prevention Services.  Choose “Counseling Services” and click Submit. On the next page, under the “Search for next available appointments” header, select the following options:
  • Clinic: Counseling & Prevention Services (CAPS)
  • Reason: Request for Service Form
  • Provider: All Providers
  • Select the time that best fits your schedule. Once you have secured a time, please fill out the Forms linked on the same page. Prior to your appointment, you will be emailed a link to the virtual session.

Please note that completing an Request for Service form will take approximately 5-10 minutes. The initial consultation will discuss your request and get you assigned to a therapist – it is not therapy itself.

Important: Here are some tips to help avoid any frustration using AVI’s online service:

  1. The online service does not fully, reliably support mobile devices (i.e. smart phones), so a ‘regular’ computer is best.
  2.  If you encounter any bugs using a laptop and WiFi, switching to a desktop/wired combination will help resolve issues.

What to expect in your first scheduled appointment, after the 10 minute initial consultation: The Assistant Director for Anti-Violence Initiatives will have reviewed your request thoroughly, and during this first counseling appointment your concerns will be discussed and a plan will be developed. Options could include group counseling, referral(s) to on or off campus resources, brief individual counseling, advocacy services, or a combination of these services. At its core, the process is about matching you with services that will best meet your needs.

Campus Resource Videos

We are excited to share with you messages from some of the people behind important campus resources and offices at TCNJ. In this first video, Michelle and Zach discuss Anti-Violence Initiatives’ confidential counseling and advocacy services; Chelsea Jacoby discusses Title IX and Sexual Misconduct, including supportive measures and how to access them; and Officer Desi Fiorvanti discusses how Campus Police Services works with the TCNJ community to aid victims and survivors.

Video 1

Our next resource video features Babayemi Aiyegbo, Robbin Loonan, and Dr. Jonathan Murakami from Mental Health Services at TCNJ as they discuss counseling groups such as SAFE and Not the Perfect Family that might be helpful for victims/survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Also in the second video of our campus resource series, Chris Freeman discusses the Collegiate Recovery Program and the All Recovery Meeting – a resource for anyone with a desire to grow!

Video 2

Our last resource video features the staff of Student Health Services! Meet some of the friendly faces at TCNJ’s SHS and hear about the services they offer, as well as how to schedule an appointment. At the end of the video, nurse practitioner Ana Slack discusses survivor-centered services offered for students.

Video 3