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Our Syllabus Statement

Faculty have the unique opportunity to be proactive in establishing a commitment to supporting survivors and the prevention efforts on campus through making a statement on their syllabi. AVI has written a syllabus statement that can be used or adapted to fit your tone of voice and course needs.  When incorporating the syllabus statement below, faculty communicate the following: 1.) addressing violence matters to you; 2.) you are a member of the community a survivor can talk to and receive support; and 3.) It’s ok to ask for help.

Our Statement:

The College of New Jersey takes pride in being a welcoming and safe community. It’s on us to prevent power-based personal violence (sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking) by safely intervening when we notice harmful situations.  These situations may include but are not limited to: a friend using sexist language, a classmate engaging in controlling or abusive behavior, or anyone not seeking effective consent before sexual activity (including times when one’s ability to consent is impacted by alcohol and/or other drugs).

Everyone’s experience with power-based personal violence is unique.  If you, or someone you know, has been impacted by power-based personal violence, TCNJ offers many resources. Tuning into what you want or need may help determine which resources, if any, you choose to pursue.  Anti-Violence Initiatives (AVI) is a confidential resource that can assist you in identifying your needs and help you understand the options available.

You can schedule a confidential appointment with AVI by contacting Michelle Lambing, Assistant Director of AVI, at 609-771-2272 or by emailing  You can also request an appointment online through the Online Wellness Link: